Extend out the Glock’s Magazine Capacity – Addons That Work

Extending the magazine capacity of your Glock can be a crucial upgrade for shooters seeking enhanced performance and extended firing capabilities. There are several reliable and effective addons available in the market that can increase your Glock’s magazine capacity while maintaining reliability and function. Let’s explore some popular options:

Extended Magazines: One of the simplest and most common ways to increase your Glock’s magazine capacity is by using extended magazines. These magazines typically hold a few more rounds than the standard ones without requiring any modifications to the pistol. Various aftermarket manufacturers offer extended magazines for different Glock models, ensuring you can find one suitable for your firearm.

Glock Addons

Magazine Extensions: Magazine extensions are attachments that increase the capacity of your existing magazines. They are often made of durable materials like aluminum or polymer and are available in various sizes to add 1 to 5 extra rounds, depending on the model. Easy to install and remove, these extensions provide a cost-effective and versatile solution.

Basepad Extensions: Basepad extensions replace the base plate of your standard Glock magazine, allowing you to add extra rounds without the need for a longer magazine body. They can be made from materials like polymer or aluminum, and some models even include ergonomic features for improved grip and handling.

Drum Magazines: For those seeking a significant boost in capacity, drum magazines are an excellent option. These circular magazines can hold 50 rounds or more, depending on the model, significantly increasing your Glock’s firepower. However, it is essential to ensure the drum magazine is compatible with your specific Glock model and functions reliably.

Magwell Extensions: Magwell extensions are designed to increase the grip surface of your Glock’s magazine well, making it easier and faster to reload. While they do not directly add rounds to the magazine, they can help you reload more efficiently during high-stress situations like competition shooting or self-defense scenarios.

Redesigned Followers and springs: Upgrading the magazine’s internals, such as the follower and spring, can optimize feeding and enhance reliability. Aftermarket companies offer enhanced followers and springs specifically designed to maximize Glock Addons performance and capacity.

When upgrading your Glock’s magazine capacity, always ensure you are purchasing accessories from reputable manufacturers that have been tested and proven to work reliably. Additionally, check your local regulations to ensure compliance with any capacity restrictions in your area. Remember, while increasing magazine capacity can be beneficial, it is essential to practice responsible gun ownership and prioritize safety at all times. Regularly maintain and clean your magazines to ensure they function optimally, and always practice safe firearm handling practices when using extended magazines.